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One We Stand aims to tell personal stories of people who are marginalized and persecuted but with a special emphasis on hope and life, inspiration and transformation.


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Lead by Christians. Driven by conviction. 

One We Stand is a compassionate, global community taking action for the persecuted, dispossessed and marginalized.

This movement aims to build genuine and broad collaboration using the media, to
elevate the voices of the vulnerable and inspire action through news, awareness, advocacy and socially conscious commerce.

It envisions a world in which no story of courage goes unheard, but rather inspires enduring hope for all


One We Stand is led by Christians, followers of Jesus, who are  driven by the conviction  that all people are made in the image of God and deserve dignity and respect, including freedom of religion and belief.

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Tom Albinson

Founder/President International Association for Refugees. World Evangelical Alliance Ambassador for Refugees, Stateless and Displaced People. Founding member of the Refugee Highway Partnership.


Dr. Brian J. Grim

Founder/President Religious Freedom & Business Foundation. Former Pew Research Center senior researcher


Allan Klassen

President & CEO of marketing firm ONE Bean Company and crowdfunding company PITCH LIVE


Johnnie Moore

Humanitarian, author, and founder of public relations firm The KAIROS Company


Prof. Dr. Christof Sauer

Leading world expert and researcher on religious freedom. Co-executive director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom


Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

World renowned human rights expert, theologian, author. Founder of International Institute for Religious Freedom


Jim Olang

Communications Director of Association of Evangelicals in Africa


Godfrey Yogarajah

Executive Director of Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance. Deputy Secretary of the World Evangelical Alliance


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