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Raising awareness of intestinal diseases, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Colorectal Cancer, Celiac Diseas, GERD, What Causes it, Symptoms, Tests, Treatment, Prognosis Complications, education and public awareness campaigns. IDEAS provides quality of life enhancing programs for children and young adults afflicted with intestinal diseases and their families.

Seven years in the making, The Kingstone Bible from Florida-based publisher Kingstone Comics is available in a three-volume, full color hardcover comics adaptation that recreates the entire Bible in the form of a graphic novel.



One We Stand aims to tell personal stories of people who are marginalized and persecuted but with a special emphasis on hope and life, inspiration and transformation.

We are crowdfunding to purchase mobile shower units to provide showers and hygiene products to the local homeless. Our goal is to Restore Dignity to those in difficult circumstances. A shower can give you a sense of normalcy, foster a little hope, and build towards better health. 




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Pitch Live works closely with our crowdfunding partners to produce a post video story to show the donor how the crowdfunding funds were used and the accomplishments made.

We like to call it Return on Investment.

Pitch Live is a private crowdfunding tech company with a marketing engine.


Pitch Live strategically partners with both for-profit and non-profit organizations who are seeking effective ways to increase brand awareness, raise monies through crowdfunding, through strategic marketing.

Pitch Live optimizes branding strategy, design, storytelling, and media marketing in each crowdfunding campaign.....we call this, CROWDFUNDING PLUS.

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